This Ain’t A Culture

I’ve been a grime fan since 2008.  I remember a friend of mine showed me the Skepta & Devilman clash from Lord of the Mics 2 and I was hooked from that moment.  I always saw grime as a means of escaping my work but that all changed when I saw Skepta shutdown Shoreditch carpark in April 2015.  I remember feeling absolutely gutted that I wasn’t able to capture the madness and from that day I vowed to take my camera absolutely everywhere.  This is how ‘This Ain’t A Culture’ was born.

Over the next 18 months I documented the ever changing grime scene in front of me.  Huge moments happened with Skepta winning the Mercury Prize Award, Jme breaking the top 10 with his album ‘Integrity’ and President T re-emerging out of the wilderness.

From day one I always said that I wanted to exhibit the photos alongside a grime rave for the opening.  I wasn’t quite how or where but I was adamant that it was going to happen.  After what felt like an age of looking an opportunity arose and presented itself to me by the lovely people at Boxpark in Shoreditch.

The Christmas period was approaching rapidly and we had to get everything sorted way, way in advance to make sure that the prints were put up in time.  I also discussed with the team at Boxpark about putting on a launch night to which they excitedly agreed would be a great idea.  So after 18 months of hard work I had an exhibition & a grime rave about to be announced to the public.

I called a few good friends of mine & we curated a line up of President T (live Q&A too) & SK Vibemaker with Discarda being announced at a later date.  I knew it was going to be a ridiculous night on the back of confirming these three legends.

A few days before the launch I emailed Boxpark and asked how many people had signed up for tickets for the launch night.  We were at 300.  Then NME, Complex & Fact all put out articles about the exhibition and before I knew it Boxpark had to release an additional 50 tickets as we’d reached the 600 capacity.  Completely sold out!  Absolutely ridiculous!



I cannot thank everyone enough that came down & supported - my fiancée, old friends, new friends, my family, Youtube stars (lol) & MCs that I genuinely rate & admire.  It’s a huge massive tick off my list of things I needed to do.  You all made this happen and hopefully it’s just the start for This Ain’t A Culture.

Below are a few photos from the night.  The majority of them are taken by Sasha Green & the disposable camera photos are by myself (unless I’m in them obv):

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