Peace For Ever

I grew up in Birmingham and left when I was 16 so it’s always nice to go back to rediscover my accent. Shooting in Birmingham comes few and far between so when I was asked to shoot Peace for a feature around Harry’s & Sam’s hometown of Kidderminster and their show at The Library in Birmingham I was more than happy to go a few hours north for the day.

We met Harry & Sam at Kidderminster train station, we walked through the centre and towards our first destination. ‘Mr Tee’s Rock Shop’ was where the Koisser brothers were taken by their dad way back when. You could barely see the floor as it was decorated in vinyls that had fallen out of their sleeves, old badges, clothing and I dread to think what else. We were shown upstairs and we stumbled upon loads of fancy dress costumes that had become horror movie-esque over time. Later on the owner gloated that “Robert Plant only buys his records from here and some place in Guatemala” …

From Mr Tee’s Rock Shop we met up with Peace’s tour manager who drove us to where Sam & Harry grew up as young kids. Harry explained that they hadn’t been back for at least 15 years so it was an interesting experience for everybody involved. We were presented with a very ‘normal’ suburban street at the top of a small hill. The brothers lead the way to their old home and the brothers are somewhat quiet, taking in their surroundings but talking about how somebody was murdered across the street from them a while back. The street was quiet and become eerie very quickly after the murder story.

We all jumped back into the van and made our way into Birmingham for the show on the night. There’s not much to say here to be honest. I had 30 seconds with the band to get a full band portrait and then all access to shoot the whole show.

Thanks a lot Peace, Laura Martin, Emma Lilja and NME for making it all happen.

J x

(Everything here was shot on a Nikon D4, D800 and a Profoto B1)

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