Kasabian in Ireland, bromance and an NME feature.

So I’ve decided to start a written blog. I thought I’d kick off the blog posts with five pictures from a feature I shot for NME magazine back in May for the issue that come out on the 18th June in the UK.

I was sent to Limerick, Ireland to photograph Kasabian playing one of their warm-up shows for their huge headline show at Victoria Park, Leicester, their homecoming gig with over 50000 tickets sold and obviously…Glastonbury. The show I shot in Ireland was only 1500 capacity so it automatically created a special vibe with such a small room and such a huge band.

I got to spend most of the day with the Kasabian boys and what struck me straight away was how bloody lovely they all were, how close they are as a unit and the ‘bromance’ between Tom Meighan & Sergio Pizzorno (or Tom & Serge from now on). Tom & Serge inspected the stage together, shared close words with each other just before stage time, constantly sharing jokes with each other on stage, talking football and even sharing some of the same mannerisms at times. I photographed the soundcheck, the guys hanging around backstage, the short trip in a mini-bus to the hotel from the venue and the live show itself.

There are two moments that really stick out for me from the day. Somewhere mid-set I was standing behind the amps, behind Serge and I looked across to our writer to mouth “fucking….hell”. It was going mental. The band were loving it, the Irish fans were going crazy and every single word was being shouted back at the stage. Secondly, as soon as the show finished and we were all backstage Serge come over to me, asked if I enjoyed it and without containing any sort of excitement on my behalf, he embraced me with a huge smile and said “Really? Thanks a lot man!” as if he was surprised.

I went back to my hotel room, sent the photos off, woke up at 5am as I had a flight to Sweden from London at 6pm and made my way to the local airport.

Greg Cochrane, our writer and online editor at NME, will have done a lot better job than I ever could writing a review of the show so go pick up an NME this week (the one with Tom & Serge on the cover, shot by Shamil Tanna) to see more photos. I’m just going to share five photographs from the day that I think somewhat highlights that bromance between Tom & Serge.

But lastly I just wanted to say…Kasabian themselves, their crew, their press relations and management are genuinely the loveliest people on Earth. Shout out to every single one of you!

Hope you dig ‘em!

J x

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