A$AP Rocky x Playboi Carti x ‘What’ Video Premiere

I was watching a documentary on the miners’ strikes in 1984 called ‘Coal Not Dole’ at 7.45pm.  By 9pm I was queuing to get into the A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti x Uno premiere of the new ‘What’ video.

150 of us were squeezed into the screen downstairs.  After an hour of waiting, A$AP came into the screen, apologised for technical difficulties and then left again.  He shortly reappeared to sit at the back with Playboi Carti & A$AP Bari.  

Everybody in the crowd turned round in their seats to catch a glimpse and urged him to freestyle over a beat.  Rocky obliged, asked for a wireless speaker and freestyled for a few minutes much to the excitement of the army of people in ridiculously hard-to-get-hold-of trainers.

Finally, the moment came.  ‘PLAYBOI CARTI X UNO’ was blazoned across the screen.  Everybody was dancing in their seats with Rocky & Carti standing up at the back with huge grins across their faces.  “RELOAD IT! RELOAD IT!” A$AP shouted through the projector window.  They did, and then the place descended into bedlam.

Rocky & Carti started to clamber over the cinema seats, making their way to the front of the cinema.  Of course everybody joined in and within 10 seconds the cinema had turned into one of the sweatiest raves I’ve ever seen.  Arm rests were snapping, A$AP was crowd surfing and people were standing on the speakers.  The video was reloaded four times before the rappers were escorted out of the building by security.

Rocky & Carti posed for photos with fans outside until their taxi arrived and they made a quick exit.

It was all over in the blink of an eye. People were looking down at their Yeezy’s & Nike x Supreme creps wondering if they still had those Crep Protect wipes somewhere at home…  

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